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Give Them a Critique Before They finish the Project

Posted by SHAWN MONTANO on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, In : Vibrant 
I'm giving my student the best chance to succeed.  Their 1st project for a grade is a silent movie. Though they have shot several practice movies, this is their 1st real attempt at putting everything together they've learned into a project.

Once they've completed shooting their movies we then spend an entire class critique their raw video. I ask them to export 20 clips that showcase there story.  No editing, just the 20 clips on a timeline and export.

We, as a class look at all the raw video. I...

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Start as a team, then work alone, then work as a team again.

Posted by SHAWN MONTANO on Wednesday, September 21, 2016, In : Active 

I ask my students to shoot silent movies for the first six weeks of our video production program.  This post is about their 3rd movie.  For this in-class project they need to focus on sequencing and match-action.  They must shoot 3-shot sequences and not break screen direction. They break into groups of 4 and collaborate on the shoot.
  • They start as a team

Once they're done they edit.  Each student edits a version of the movie.  We watch each edit as a class critique all elements.
  • They work indep...

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