Do you call on former students as guest presenters? I do.
Do you ask your best and brightest to come
back and share their insight?  I do.  
Do you ask those student that didn't listen, didn't pay attention, didn't perform up to expectations to present? I do.

Anthony Lujan graduated from the Video Production & Editing Program two years ago. This is a profile video his fellow students produced about him in the program.

Anthony is a bright individual.  He simply didn't give it his all while he was in the program.  I am, however, proud of his capstone project he produced in the program.  This is a music video for Larissa Vienna & The Strange.

Anthony continues to produce music videos. He discussed his desire to be his own production company. Anthony informed the current class that this business, video production, isn't easy.  "It's very competitive," he said.

The class watched a music video he just completed.  I'm impressed with his development in the craft of video production.  Anthony spoke about the difficulties of getting his name out there.  He stressed the importance of social media as a networking tool.  Anthony spoke of his dreams of a media production empire.

These dreams are not impossible.  He dreams big and now he's putting together actions to move forward with his dream.  I felt it was important to hear from a not-so-great student still creating his dream in video production.

Please follow Anthony's new venture, Media Mastermind Productions.   My past, present and future students can forward to seeing his success.

I felt his presentation was vital as it's not easy out there.