It’s not hard to write, right? We all know words. We're not all sure what order to put words in sometimes. Writing, that’s easy. Editing, that’s hard. I’m trying to polish this very write with elegance.

This semester, I’m teaching media writing. Student will write, a lot. Did I mention they’ll write, a lot? For many, it’s their first opportunity with a media-focused curriculum. I want to know what they’re thinking before we got started. So, if had them write about it. I asked them to freewrite for five minutes. What excites them about this class? What scares them about this class?

I informed my students they have to put their writing out to be read. If you write and no one reads it, what’s the point of writing at all, right? This worries a few. They're nervous about perception by others since they have a small sample of experience to draw from.  Well, only one way to get experience. They need to write and write some more. Some in the class worry they’ll mess up repeatedly. I’m a big fan of failure. I’ll do my best to make them understand failure is part of the process. It’s my hope that I make all this stimulating.

Finally, students want a fun, entertaining, rigorous environment with a cool professor in a nonjudgemental atmosphere. I think I can support them.