I'm giving my student the best chance to succeed.  Their 1st project for a grade is a silent movie. Though they have shot several practice movies, this is their 1st real attempt at putting everything together they've learned into a project.

Once they've completed shooting their movies we then spend an entire class critique their raw video. I ask them to export 20 clips that showcase there story.  No editing, just the 20 clips on a timeline and export.

We, as a class look at all the raw video. I point out what they've done right and what they done wrong. I point out problems that I can see coming in the edit.

I believe this vibrant activity keeps everyone engaged, not only in their final project but everyone's project.  Each student can see the problems they'll each have to overcome in the edit.

Once we are done with the editing of the silent movies we watch the edited version. Again, we spend significant time critiquing the finished project.  

Now everyone can see the entire process from raw to edit. Students learn from their own accomplishments and mistakes. Students learn from everyone in the class as well. This vibrancy I believe has nothing but positive results.

Take a look at a few of the final 1st projects - The Silent Movies.