Today was the 1st day of class.  I'm excited to have 12 future video professionals in my program.

I want to keep this year active, vital and vibrant.  I hope you'll enjoy my posts about my new educational quest.  A portion of today's lecture was how to build a paper airplane.  

Students followed my step-by-step instructions attempting to replicate the airplane I built before them.  After that I had them take another piece of paper and attempt a 2nd build.  This time I encouraged them to look up videos and find other resources other than me to build a paper airplane.

I gave them only a limited time to complete this project.  After it was complete we went outside to test their airplanes.   They threw them.  Then, they self-evaluated for distance, straightness of flight and creativity of their airplanes.

Many students were very hard on themselves giving themselves tough grades.  Once all students tested out their airplane and gave themselves a score we returned to the classroom.

I asked them to give me the wisdom of the lesson in one sentence.  I asked them what was the intention of the lesson.  I asked them how did we practice what we learned.  I asked them how we evaluated the lesson.  I asked them what resources did they use to discover more about building paper airplanes.  They took these elements and created a WIPED document.  

They turn in this document.  This help me make sure they are learning.  Each lesson in my program students will generate a WIPED.  It's also a great way to summarize their learning of the day.

We discussed this is a basic design of each day they'll be in class for the rest of their journey.

  • They learn about following directions
  • They learn about seeking out other resources
  • They learn that not every lesson will be a perfect flight
  • They learn to be critical of themselves without me being critical 1st
  • They learn to review what they've just learned immediately