I ask my students to shoot silent movies for the first six weeks of our video production program.  This post is about their 3rd movie.  For this in-class project they need to focus on sequencing and match-action.  They must shoot 3-shot sequences and not break screen direction. They break into groups of 4 and collaborate on the shoot.
  • They start as a team

Once they're done they edit.  Each student edits a version of the movie.  We watch each edit as a class critique all elements.
  • They work independently

After our critiques are done I asked them to gather around a master editor and re-edit their silent movie as a team.  They take my input, all their input and come up with a better edit.
  • They're working as a team again

I enjoy starting them out as a team, moving them into independent work, then reuniting them as a team for an improved version of the story.  
This workflow is something very similar they experience in the real world.  

We are only 5 weeks into the 11 month program and they getting real-world modeling. 

Any classroom can use this model for an exercise.