In the beginning I teach an Introduction to Computer Technology class.  It's a 1 credit course.  This class gives students an overview of the MAC and the operating system.  It's vital for their success to understand how to maneuver on a MAC.

I have have a basic lecture in Microsoft Word in this class.   We will use Microsoft Word throughout the program so it's vital they have a basic understanding.  This prepares them for a project.  The 1st project students produce is an about you flyer.  I want student to have all this information in their flyer.

Once all flyers are done we critique the flyers in class.  As we go through each flyer I make comments about what I liked and what I didn't.  I invite them to make comments about each flyer as well.  This prepares them for the critique process, once we get into video projects.  

I learn who is vocal.  
I learn who is reticent.

Most importantly I learn who they are right now.  I think it's vital information and will help me teach.  I will use this information throughout the year to engage them in conversations.  They are also getting to know each other.  This frees up the introductions and allows student to move into getting to know each other more intimately and a quicker pace.  

We only have 11 months together and they are going to rely on each other a lot over the course of the program.  Today I learned a lot about my students like;

  • She lived on a indian reservation up until two years ago
  • Three have already gone through a video production program while in high school
  • She quit her full time job to take this course to pursue her dream
  • He is an accomplished musician and has performed at many venues in the Denver area
  • She worked in Hollywood as a grip
  • He left another college, gave up on the math degree to pursue his dream
  • Her hobby is boxing
  • He was in the Army
  • He's getting his masters in screenwriting concurrently while taking my program
That's just the highlights.  Here's one of flyers from a current student.