Why are my students looking so dapper on this day? They've just been through the interview process. My student in the Video Production & Editing Program at Emily Griffith stop producing video for a week.  During this non-production week, they focus on employment strategies. These students are learning vital skills now even though they don't graduate for 7 months. Why?
  • They'll be better prepared for internship opportunities since they have a cover letter and resume ready
  • They'll have the next 7 months to hone the art of the interview and be better prepared when the call comes
  • They'll have a resume they'll be constantly updating over the next 7 months

Becoming employable are skills everyone should learn.  They're becoming visual storytellers.  Just because they have the skills doesn't mean anyone is going to hire them.  They need to understand what an employer wants and the interview process gets them thinking about that process.

Each student in the class goes through the interview process. I believe it's vital they sit in the interview chair and practice answering questions. I believe it's more important they sit on the other side and be the one asking the questions. What they've discovered is all those 'vanilla' answers don't help you become memorable.  You got to have specifics in your answers so your future employer will remember you from the other interviewees.

Each student now understand the importance of the S.T.A.R technique in the interview process.  Don't know what the S.T.A.R technique is?  Watch this video to understand.