l get my class into groups often.  I want them knowing each other as well as possible.  I want them collaborating as much as possible.  Today's class is Intro to Documentary Storytelling.  Of course we watch compelling documentaries.  Today, we watched several short-form documentaries.  In class we discussed the research, planning and approach they could use in producing their intro documentary.

After we watched several of these short-form documentaries I have them get together in teams and conduct a case study in class.  They answer a brief set of question about the documentary in groups.

Students spend time together.  Student have fun together.  Students bond and prepare for the journey they'll be in as a team.

As I stand here writing this blog I've put students in groups yet again.  They are currently writing 20 things.  10 things they will do when they produce their documentary and 10 things they won't do.

They are building a list that will support a successful video production.  I hear laughter.  I hear fun.  They are enjoying learning and preparing.  Class doesn't have to be a separation of learning.  

On my journey to create a more Vital, Active and Vibrant classroom I believe these moment are a showcase to all three of these goals I desire to each and every class.