As you can see by the picture I have won several Emmys.

On Saturday July 16th I won my 1st National Academy of Arts & Sciences Student Achievement Awards.

My student, Tanya Kisakova produced a documentary for the non-profit Sense of Security

Tanya and I were on-hand Saturday to receive our awards.  I'm so proud of Tanya and all her accomplishments.

Tanya and I were beaming with happiness all evening.  My wife congratulated me and said, "You know, this award you should be most proud of."  I asked her why?  She said it shows you can pass on all your knowledge and allow your student to achieve greatness.  You know what?  She's right.  I'm proud. Not for Tanya winning this award.  I'm proud of her retaining everything I taught her in order to achieve this moment in her life.  I love passing on my video production knowledge.

Now, I want to pass along some of my instructional knowledge.  This is why I've created The Vital Active Vibrant blog.

There are 100s of educational blogs.  This one is going to focus on 3 key elements in my classroom.  

- elements in my classroom that are critical and necessary.
Active- elements that keep my student busy and energetic.
Vibrant- elements that keep my classroom exciting and stimulating.

This blog will be about both my successes and failures.  When I learn a lesson I hope to share it with you. My objective for the coming school-year is to keep the learning focused on these 3 elements.  If I'm teaching something just to fill time, then I'm doing my student and myself a disservice.  I hope to keep those moments to a minimum and I'm sure you all try to do.

Thank you for joining me in this journey.

Here is a Tanya's award winning video.