What are my students competence needs? I want my students to learn, but be self-determined to learn. I think that I do a reasonably good job making learning enjoyable-so student absorb information. I also think I challenge my students with lectures and in-class projects. In the classroom with lecture and class projects, they get feedback immediately. However, that doesn’t happen on projects. They all turn them in, then wait for my feedback and grade. The immediate-feedback discontinues.  Are they ways to improve that and will then lead to more competent students?

What if I have them self-evaluate right after turning a project in?  Could this lead to better outcomes of learning and assessment? I’m also hoping maybe this could lead to self-efficacy.

What do I mean by self-evaluating?  After they turn in the assignment, they look it over, review the rubric and score themselves based on the rubric and some self-assessment reflections of the project. Will student’s grading themselves lead to all A+?  I don’t think so. I think they’ll reflect on what they just did and maybe see some effort or ways to improve with the next project. I will make it clear that I’m ultimately the final say in the grade, but I want them to have the freedom to participate in the evaluation process.

Wait, there's more. I want students to self-evaluate and help a class-mate evaluate both their own and classmates projects. I’m going to set up peer mentoring teams.  I want to see if both the struggler and the struggle(y) can benefit from the peer mentoring process. So, struggling students can get help from peers, and I think that may help with failure syndrome. 

Then there are the critiques over other projects (like videos or writings).  Students are afraid of evaluations of their work. In the business of Journalism, analysis make you better.  However, how to get a student comfortable with critiques?  Next semester critique will be in a small group in my office.
Moreover, I want to make sure the environment is safe, and I provide useful feedback and not just praise or how to improve. Really takes a lot at the project and make sure it’s feedback - not just looking at the rubric and grading the project.  From this feedback, they should know they should be able to self-evaluate.  My goal is to see if the student recognizes high self-efficacy acts: motivation to learn, bouncing back from failure and be more resilient in their education.

What I want is for the student to perceive that they are in control of their learning. Albert Bandara says the first and foremost source of self-efficacy is through mastery of experiences.  I want the student to experience the mastery and master the knowledge.  I want them to feel safe and resilient when the obstacle comes, and they will. 
Maybe this will lead to more than just doing the assignment; they can exceed their expectations and learning.

I scaffold all of this, students reflect and set goals for the next project, and we (they, a peer, the critique group) make sure that they are being shown how to achieve those goals and make them accountable for those goals.

And then we do it all over again, and again until.......