I I recall with delight my first opportunity to lecture about visual storytelling. That moment in 2001 aroused a desire to educate those willing to listen. My passion for instruction guided me, lecturing in nearly 30 states at conferences, colleges, news-stations and workshops. I added part-time adjunct professor to my resume in 2009. I balanced teaching and full time video-work for a couple of years. After nearly 15 years in newsrooms and production houses I left to focus my passion on instruction. I will likely teach until I die. I’m so much more than a teacher. I’m a manager, counselor, work-force trainer, comedian, motivational speaker and friend. I tell my students they are on a journey; I’m just the guide.

In the spring 2019 semester I'll teach a digital storytelling class at the University of Northern Colorado. The Journalism and Media Studies students learn how to produce a news style package. The class builds there shooting, lighting, writing, narrating, video editing skills.  In addition student will develop fundamental Photoshop and After Effect skills.

Showcasing my students

am proud of my students when they succeed beyond my instruction.  This is my current student's latest studio production.  Is just two classes my students created an election special.


Ask Shawn about tutoring or call 720-299-7989